HRAL Committees


In order to achieve its objectives, the HRAL focuses on 3 main areas and their related activities:

I- Communication and Networking Committee: aims to establish networking opportunities for Human Resource management professionals and academics, and facilitate relationships between the Association and the institutions of both the private and public sectors.

 A range of activities are included within this framework:

- Organizing meetings to introduce the Association.

- Establishing relations with important Human Resources institutions abroad that will give the Association moral and professional support.

- Organizing the process of members’ affiliation within this Association.

- Managing the Association’s website and enriching the latter with topics and information related to the Association’s objectives.


II- Professional Development & Training Committee: aims to develop capacities and improve performance on the subject of Human Resource Management.

 This committee includes in particular the following activities:

- Organizing seminars and training programs that meet the members’ needs.

- Developing and discussing methodologies and views concerning various training topics.


III- Research Committee: aims to study the reality of Human Resource Management in Lebanon in terms of concept, practice and performance and determine the means to strengthen its positive impact.

 The above shall be achieved through:

- Organizing field researches and seminars to discuss specific problems.

- Publishing and circulating research findings


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