The mission of the HRAL has been set according to the following major objectives:

  • To build awareness as to the strategic role of Human Resource Management (HRM) and its impact on organizational development in the Lebanese private and public sectors
  • To influence changes to legislation, policy or practice related to HRM
  • To support and guide individuals, from both the public and private sectors, having an academic background and professional experience in the field of HRM.
  • To develop and improve standards for the HRM profession and promote best practices.
  • To establish a Code of Ethics for the HRM profession and work on its proper implementation within organizations.
  • To carry-out ongoing research in the field of HRM in order to update theories and practices and stay abreast of changes in the environment.
  • To provide networking opportunities for fellow professionals and academics in HRM.
  • To highlight the role of HRM as a major business partner.
  • To work on the enhancement of the competencies of the HR professional within the private and public sectors in Lebanon.


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